What is the training?

ST1&2 South

South Mancester GP Training currently has 32 speciality trainees in years 1+2.  Most of these are part of the three year specialty training programme. Additional to this there are two - three academic clinical fellow tracks in research and education.  Most rotations include 18 months of hospital-based posts at University Hospital of South Manchester and 18 months in General Practice.  All trainees are allocated educational supervisors who's role it is to mentor the trainees throughout the programme.  Regular reviews of the progression of all trainees are part of the programme ensuring that development during specialty training is specific to the individual towards completion of training.

The aims of the first two years of the specailty training programme are to evaluate and assimilate all the medical knowledge you have learned since starting your medical training in foundation and in the GP training programme with the aim of attaining the MRCGP examination.  Specifically the ST1&2 programme will encourage learning for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) which trainees take in year 2 or 3 of their programmes.

Training for General Practice is an exciting and rewarding time.  In South Manchester trainees have the opportunities and support to excel and explore a dynamic and challenging career.

ST1&2 Central

General Practice is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career.  The Central Manchester training programme provides the opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to become a GP.

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) http://www.cmft.nhs.uk is situated in the thriving city region of Manchester with excellent transport links to the centre and the suburbs.

The Central Manchester GP training scheme has a total of 20 GP trainees working in the hospital or attached to a local GP practice.   The jobs are currently on the CMFT site, with experience in Obs & Gynae gained at St Mary's, Paediatrics at RMCH; Psychiatry, Medical and Emergency Medicine jobs at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.  

(NB for both sites Psychiatry posts will be organised from and may include posts at North Manchester General Hospital).

ST3 year in GP Training

ST3 is the year where all your training comes together and you become a SPECIALIST ...  in General Practice.  Most doctors find this year extremely rewarding, always fascinating and good fun being part of a practice team.  It is intense though...

Your medical knowledge has been continuously accumulating since you went to medical school.  To become an effective general practitioner, this knowledge needs to be available in a form that can be put into action at any moment.

To this end you will learn the clinical and management methods used in general practice, in depth.  This includes consultation skills, thinking and learning skills, teamwork skills, project management skills, financial and negotiation skills.

In your final year of training, ST3s also deepen and develop professional attitudes and values, which will enable you to function effectively and happily in General Practice.

Of course there will be exams and assessments during this year.  Please see the links to the AKT, CSA, e-portfolio, COT, CBD etc.