Who delivers it?

The Educators

Our team comprises of several different educators who work together to produce a three year scheme at present.

  • Dr Julian Tomkinson is a GP in Bolton.   He is the Training Programme Director, who is involved in ensuring run-through training from ST1 until the completion of training and ensuring the GP Practices and Educational Supervisors are supported in the task of delivering excellence in training.  In addition, he is responsible for the ST1&2 training programme in Central Manchester Univesity Hospitals (CMFT)
  • Dr Anne Thomas is a local GP and is inovlved in developing the rotations and ST1&2 training programme in University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM)
  • Dr Avril Danczak is a local GP and is responsible for developing and providing the ST3 Study Release Course (SRC) which at present is held in UHSM.